About Tile Power Brookvale - Peakhurst

Welcome to Tile Power Brookvale - Peakhurst

Tile Power Brookvale - Peakhurst is an independent tile retailer operating in Northern Sydney for over 50 years strong. We maintain our commitment in retaining our customer loyalty and strict attention to detail in transforming each and every lifeless space into a timeless aesthetically pleasing and effectual setting.

We are apart of an Australian owned and licensed national buying group, Tile Power Limited, granting us the ability to import our tiles and products directly form our manufactures in large scales and effectively passing over competitive prices to our appreciated customers.

Tile Power Brookvale - Peakhurst are very proud to be working side by side with internationally and domestically leading manufacturers and suppliers specialising in the production of innovative tiles surpassing the tilling industries international standards of quality and market leading competitive designs.

Our manufacturers ambitious and willingness nature combined with advanced modern technology allows us to focus on modernising tiles overall designs and shapes and to introduce and supply a complete assortment of perfectly finished textures, colours and colour combinations creating beautifull contrasts available in all formats and sizes.

Tile are the most commonly used practical pieces of adornment to create sophistication, uniformity, and convenience in any setting including homes, offices, schools, restaurants and many more commercial and architectural projects.

Tiles are also incorporated in every aspect of your residential renovation or rebuild as a functional necessity in sustaining the integrity and protection of the area and structure being tiled.  

We hold the position of the most innovative and unique high quality designed tiles and emphasise on service and expertise as the vital foundation of Tile Power Brookvale - Peakhurst.

Our design team are persistent in rigorously monitoring and studying the ongoing and evolving trends inspired by the past to create the present collection and influence the future.

At Tile Power Brookvale we assist you in redecorating and transforming your desired room without overspending. We have a variety of collections of tiles suitable for interior and exterior facades with different properties which meet fundamental requirements of intended use including: hygienic, non-slip, easy to clean, low maintenance, whether and traffic resistant, functional and all the while holding its lasting attractive appeal.  

All over use of modern and classic tiles is a very popular and a common choice. Our large range of tiles gives you endless options to enhance any room sold directly to the general public, builders, interior designers and professional tillers. 

Enrich any surface using modern interpretation of classic tiles with our beautiful range of mosaics to create murals or features. Visit our large range of ceramic tiles available in glossy and matt, terracotta tiles, travertine suitable for both indoor and outdoor, slate, quartz tiles, natural stone and many more to meet each individual design.

It is very crucial to take into careful consideration many important factors before choosing a particular tile as it will set the foundation of the specific area's design scheme to create its own unique look. 

Our professional and highly experienced staff take great enthusiasm in assisting and advising you in the planning, developing process and successfully implementing your desired tiles and ideas reflecting your personality. They will also go through all the characteristics and properties of the tiles in question explaining the risks of deterioration over time, maintenance required and help you find the perfect tile that will make a positive impact on you living or working surrounding environment.

Explore your creativity and visit our Tile Power showroom hosting hundreds of tiles and get an overview of what specific tiles look like in actual settings with our beautifully created displays. With no major constraints you can dress any room depending on your style whether minimalist or bold.